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50 years of family hospitality

The original "Klebermühle," as it was called until 1954, was recorded in church records in the 16th century. It probably existed long before that as Grafenau was made a town in 1376 already and the mills on the streams were part of the first settlements.

The main source of income of the "Klebermühle" was the flour mill, as the Kleber ("gluten") in its name suggests. Since 1920, the current "Kleblmühle" has been in possession in the fourth generation - with a fifth generation growing up. As already mentioned, our ancestors earned their living with the flour mill, the sawmill, and farming. As early as 1955, a bottled beer tavern and a few simple

guest rooms were attached. When we took over the estate, we opened a public tavern and have been gradually adding extensions to create the current country hotel and inn resort with holiday suites, "Einkehr zur Kleblmühle." We would like to sincerely thank our loyal guests who have contributed significantly to the transformation of the former flour mill into the country hotel, "EINKEHR ZUR KLEBLMÜHLE."

Today the juniors, Manfred and Sabine, are responsible for the operation. Based on the history of our estate, the cornflower is the symbol for the "NEW" Kleblmühle.