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Our "Mill-News"

What's happening in the Country Hotel?

Musical evening with "Tom & Basti"


The increasingly prominent inn musicians, "Tom & Basti," performed at the country hotel Kleblmühle on 28/12/2014 and the event was a great success - it was a full house and there was raging applause!

So we arranged another performance date with the two:
On 27/02/2015 at 8pm, the two will be back for hours of entertainment! Admission is 12.00 EUR per person.

Tickets are available from the country hotel Kleblmühle or directly from the performers at www.tomundbasti.de.

We are looking forward to a hearty pub-night with you!

Rare and sacred: Hubertus deer

Bericht: Frau R. Prasser

The deer park of the country hotel Kleblmühle got a rare addition: Proud, but still very shy, two white Hubertus deer are here to introduce themselves.

In order to increase the wildlife area, Kleblmühle manager, Manfred Scheichenzuber, integrated the white deer to his group of red deer. The two deer were bred by a European breeder. The name of this breed goes back to a legend of the vain Palatine Count, Hubertus von Jülich.

White Deer are a whim of nature. Allegedly, the animals came from Persia to Bohemia in 1740.

The deer have been mystified and are considered sacred. Whoever kills a white game will die in the same year, is the legend among hunters. In the wild, the white deer are found virtually nowhere.

The Bishop was our guest in the Kleblmühle


After the confirmation on 06/06/2014 in Grafenau, the new bishop joined us for lunch in the Kleblmühle. As a welcome, we gave him a colorful bouquet of meadow flowers.

After his stay in the Kleblmühle, he registered in our guest book and thanked us for the kind hospitality and the wonderful food.

In parting, the bishop and his parish team were given a freshly baked loaf of country bread from our new oven as a gift!

(In the picture on the left, you can see the Bishop, Mr. Oster, and Mr. Josef Scheichenzuber with his granddaughters, Juliana and Nikola Schreiner.)

Kleblmühle unique gastronomy with NEW WOOD OVEN


After the exceptional gastronomy in the country hotel inn, Einkehr to Kleblmühle, became very well attended by locals and vacationers alike, for which we express our sincere gratitude, we have created another highlight, which fits well with the former flour mill.

Right next to the beer garden and terrace, we built a traditional wood oven built to expand our offer of delicacies.

When the oven is fired up with natural wood, we not only bake fresh country bread or the original Vinschgerln, but also a whole range of local delicacies, such as apple strudel, Sengzelten, bread pizzas, pork knuckles, veal knuckle, roast pork, and other specialties.

For the days on which these specialties are baked, please refer to our culinary calendar!

The documentary shoot in the Kleblmühle was a great success:


The topics of the Tour of Bavaria from Grafenau:

  • Of Baths, Bears, and Best Manners - A Local Portrait
  • Bear, Deer, Lynx and Co: The Bavarian Forest National Park
  • Anni and Alois: A Peasant Life as it was 100 Years Ago
  • A Polaroid Journey into the Realm of Fantasy: Photo Artist Bastian Kalous
  • "Da Peppo": the Man who Brought the Pizza to the Bavarian Forest
  • Exotic Animals: Of Unusual Critters and Their Masters
  • Oans, zwoa, g'schnupft: the Grafenauers and Their "Schmaltz Music"


Watch the film here: Bavaria Tour Grafenau

The TV Station ARD is Guest at the Landhotel Kleblmühle


At the beginning of the year, the German TV station, ARD, visited the country hotel Kleblmühle to film a report about the hotel and the venison roast, which aired in April 2013. You can find the report under www.ardmediathek.de, by searching for the term "Kleblmühle."

Come by and let Manfred Scheichenzuber spoil you with his cuisine. The delicious venison roast from our home-bred game is definitely worth a visit - see for yourself!

Our latest awards:

Awarded 3 stars "comfort" - judged by the Bavarian hotel classification system by BTG (DEHOGA), personally presented by Bavaria's Economics Minister, Mr Martin Zeil, and the BHG President, Mr Siegfried Gallus.